11 June 2018

Thunder Xtreme - Strong Snus Coming To The USA! 11 June 2018.

27 September 2018 Update - Read the FULL REVIEW of these products - HERE!

The biggest news to come out of Snus Con 2018 was a surprise announcement from Swedish Match. The most common question I get asked is, "When will we be able to buy strong snus in the US?" Swedish Match has provided an answer: soon. As many of you know, Swedish Match acquired V2 Tobacco in September of 2017. The story gets more interesting from there. Apparently, the Thunder Xtreme name was something V2 Tobacco registered with the US years ago, which means it was grandfathered in. Swedish Match North America decided to release these products to the US market, which will allow US consumers local access to extra strong snus! These products will be made in Denmark at the V2 Tobacco factory and sold in the US by Swedish Match.  This means Swedish Match distribution, a functional website, and a store locator to find these products.

The Thunder Xtreme line will have three products:  Original, Original Strong, and Red Strong. Original and Original Strong will have, wait for it, a tobacco flavor! Original will come in an 8mg/g nicotine strength and Original Strong will come in a 12mg/g nicotine strength. Red Strong will have a berry flavor, and come in a nicotine strength of 12mg/g.  All of these products will come in a 24 gram can with 24 portions which means full 1 gram portions! These products will launch in the third quarter of 2018, which means July, August, or September. These products will launch nationwide with a focus on tobacconists, as well as cigarette and tobacco stores. The pricing will be the same as General Snus.

This, in my opinion, is huge news.  Lots of US consumers want something stronger than General Snus, and will now have access to it!  This will help many US smokers quit smoking who have stronger nicotine needs than what General Snus provides.  I couldn't be more excited about this great news.


  1. I was as excited to hear this as you were. More Swedish Snus with a stronger nicotine content, on American store shelves be a good thing!

  2. So just these three? Been looking forward to trying the Frosted.

  3. I asked Swedish Match when this would be rolling out and got an email that said it came out at the first of August in select stores. Of course I wrote back and asked which stores and if any stores were close to my zipcode and I've got no reply yet. That was about 5 days ago. Does anyone know which stores? Or if there is a website with a store locator? TIA!

  4. These products will be available on Northerner.com shortly. We recommend you to sign up to our newsletter to not miss out on the launch!

  5. These New Thunders arrived at the Dewey Ave Smoke Shop in Rochester NY today!!

    1. You got them before I could find the finished cans!