15 June 2018

Small Batch #4: Hallon & Lakrits - Preview. 15 June 2018.

Today, Swedish Match has announced the fourth installment in their Small Batch line, a snus with the flavor of Hallon & Lakrits! To date we have seen Small Batch #1 (Champagne), Small Batch #2 (Blood Orange), and Small Batch #3 (Apple Mint). My favorite of the ones I've tried so far has been the delicious #2 (Blood Orange). Another interesting thing to note about this one is that Swedish Match has upgraded the can design to a much more classy look.  The old ones were very simple, and didn't have much going on.  These new ones, however, look very sleek and elegant.

Also, most of us know by now that lakrits is licorice, but some may not know what hallon is. Well, if you tried Gotlandssnus Jakobssons Hallon and Jordgubb you might. When I reviewed that snus I found out hallon means raspberry in Swedish.  I'll be honest, I'm excited to see how the blending of raspberry and licorice tastes in this product!

Swedish Match describes this snus by saying, "Small Batch No 4 is developed by our experienced product developer Mattias Schyberg and Lars Jonsson in Gothenburg. Mattias and Lars describe that the flavoring has a combination of raspberries and salt, anise and licorice to take the Swedish salty licorice flavor into the snus field. The tobacco character is light and rounded off by the balanced sweetness from the licorice. 

In connection with the launch of Small Batch No 4, we have also developed a new design on the can. The design will show the special taste and characteristics of each new product and therefore there will be a description of the taste of the lid and the numbering it has. The colored ring on the lid is inspired by the taste of the snus. Small Batch No 4 has a taste of raspberry and licorice and we have therefore chosen red as tones against a purple shade."

This snus is available now on the Swedish Match webstore. As with the last ones, however, it probably won't be available to the US.

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