20 April 2018

Skruf Super White - Preview. 20 April 2018.

The "all white" category has been growing a lot since it burst onto the market. Also, there is a growing consumer interest in products that contain nicotine, but do not contain tobacco. This is evident in the popularity of products such as Zyn NT, by Swedish Match.  I quit smoking in 2009 by switching to Swedish Snus, and I've never looked back.  However, there are many who wish to quit not only smoking, but also tobacco all together.  This is where these products can come into play.

Skruf is launching a new product line, Skruf Super White.  This line contains two products - Skruf Super White #2 and Skruf Super White #3.  These products do not contain tobacco.  They contain plant fibers, and nicotine.  I was told that these products have launched in all the stores in Norway today.  As of the date of this writing, this is all the information I have.  I haven't seen them online yet, either.  As more information becomes available, I will update this article.  If I can get ahold of some of these products, I'll make sure and do a review as well!

You can find photos of the new products, below:


  1. Bit sad to hear that the companies gave up and try to go to the European Market throught to other products. Personally I do not like nicotine pouches/portions due to the fact there is no natural tobacco flavour at all. I made my own snus with tobacco, glycerin, propylene glycol, and salt water. It is not perfect now but to see how the Virgina, Kentucky and Burley mix up it is like christmas and easter all together. It is a taste you are not able to achieve with nicotin pouches.

    But thanks for the info. :)

  2. I've been researching and researching, but I cant seem to find the nicotine level on these =/ I live in Norway, and it's still a pain to find any info on them XD If I do get any info, I can post it here, so you can update your article ^^

  3. Less flavorful than the G4 product from General. I actually like the fact it has no tobacco, as there is an alternative that now claims no tobacco at all if thats what someone is after. Of the white snus', I'd put G4 #1 in terms of flavor and texture, Epok #2, Skruf and Zyn tied at #3. All are better nicotine replacements than gum or loungers imo, butt I still prefer regular snus.