28 March 2018

Snus.Biz Lössnus (Loose) - Reviews. 28 March 2018.

Today we’re going to be talking about a couple of loose snus products I’ve been wanting to review.  They’re made by Snus.biz, which is a snus manufacturer located in Ukraine that began producing snus in 2017.  Their website says they produce “premium snus for pleasure, style and mood. We make and sell superior snus from selected tobacco varieties. Our snus is made of expensive varieties of tobacco grown in Italy and Ukraine. Our snus is made in accordance with old Swedish traditions.”  I found them on Instagram and have been very excited to try their snus!  As of the date of this review, it only comes in loose, so all lössnus lovers should be excited about that.

Snus.Biz - Average Grinding Loose Snus

Snus.Biz told me the flavor description of this product is "Dominican cigar and bitter Belgian chocolate."  It's an extra strong product, with a nicotine content of 18-21mg/g.

The aroma of this snus is a really rich, dark tobacco smell that does have a cigar-like presence to it.  The grind of this one looks much like your traditional Swedish Snus.  It bakes really easily and is also quite moist.  I noticed when I handbake prillas it leaves a good amount of moisture behind in the hand.  The taste is a really nice, robust, dark tobacco flavor.  There is also a pleasant hint of dark chocolate in the background that pairs really well with the tobacco flavor!    The snus stays together pretty well in the lip and I've found I can usually keep a prilla in for 30-45 minutes without much breakage or mudslide.  The nicotine packs a solid kick and feels firmly at the extra strong level.  

Snus.Biz - Coarse Grinding Loose Snus

When it comes to this product, I was told that it has no added flavor.  The nicotine content, like the last one, is said to be 18-21mg/g.  The grind of this looks more cut than ground.  However, I found it to handbake pretty easily!  It also stays together really well.  The aroma of this one is a rich, dark tobacco smell.  The taste is also quite good!  The taste is a very rich, robust, well-rounded tobacco taste.  It doesn't taste as "dark" as the other one.  It's not too peppery or spicy, and seems to be pretty gentle once it matures in the lip.  This snus stays together pretty well in the lip and I've found each prilla will last about 30-45 minutes.  The nicotine also has a pretty solid kick and feels to be right at the extra strong level.

If you like lössnus and like tobacco centric flavor profiles, this is definitely worth trying out.  If you want to try it out, their Instagram page says, "Wanna buy premium snus?  Email: hello@snus.biz or DM please."  It's definitely worth trying!


  1. Nice Blogpost as always! Can´t wait to get my Hands on them :) keep up the good Work

  2. Many thanks, Chad! We wish you creative success!