20 March 2018

Jakobsson's Persika (Peach) - Preview. 20 March 2018.

Beginning April 3rd, Gotlandssnus is set to release the next product from their Jakobsson's Special series: Jakobsson's Persika (Peach). Henrik Jakobsson, founder and CEO of Gotlandssnus, describes this product by saying "When I tested the flavors for the third edition, I was looking for a taste sensation that contained sweetness, but also something sour, the peach turned out to be what I was looking for and I think we managed to come up with a consistent product. There is currently no peach snus on the Swedish market, but it is very common in the United States, so it's a lot of fun to bring a whole new taste experience to Sweden." HÃ¥kan Solberg, Marketing Manager at Gotlandssnus, says this product line gives Gotlandssnus "the opportunity to be creative and to dare to do something new. Persika is a successful result of the innovative collaboration between our founder and product developers here at Gotlandssnus. We hope that this unique peach taste of our new snus is appreciated."

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