27 March 2018

Åreprillan - Two new products from Gotlandssnus! 27 March 2018.

Today I woke to some rather exciting news! Gotlandssnus has released two new products under their new Åreprillan lineup: Åreprillan (Humle and Älgört) IPA and Åreprillan (Granskott and Bjōrsav). If you've been reading my reviews long you know that IPA is my preferred style of beer, so I'm very excited about a new IPA snus on the market. The other one also sounds quite tasty! This snus line is inspired by the Jämtland area around Åreskutan. Åreskutan is a well known mountain in Sweden and also features the largest ski resort area in Sweden. This product line was actually developed in collaboration between Gotlandssnus and enterpreneurs in Åre who are interested in snus!

Åreprillan (Humle and Älgört) IPA

Flavor description: "Åreprillan IPA Portion has a clear and full-bodied taste of hops, with undertones of IPA as well as elements of meadowsweet from the Jämtland mountains. The snus contains large, strong original portions with a nicotine content of 14 mg/g."

Obviously, this is the one I'm the most excited about. The IPA/beer inspired snus trend is something new, but I'm glad to see it happening. Recently, Conny Andersson's Hope and Glory IPA Snus, a personal favorite of mine, had been discontinued. That was a delicious IPA inspired snus that paired very well with beer. Swedish Match also recently released Göteborg's Rapé Humle, which wasn't as good as the Hope and Glory IPA, in my opinion.  So, there haven't been any IPA snus products on the market for me to pair with beer.  I'm glad to see Gotlandssnus filling the void!

Åreprillan (Granskott and Bjōrsav)

Flavor description: "Åreprillan Original Portion has a classic snus flavor with notes of spruce and birch sap. The snus contains large, strong original portions with a nicotine content of 14 mg/g."

This one sounds like it will be pretty good as well.  You can never go wrong with spruce in a snus, it always adds a nice backbone to a good tobacco flavor.  Gotlandssnus has always used quality tobacco, so I have a feeling it will have a great taste.  I'm interested to see how the birch sap works in the flavor, as well.

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  1. Unfortunately Hendrik at Gotlandssnus said that he wouldn’t be releasing these to the US. Only through Snusbolaget so Sweden only. Hopefully you can get some through your Swedish connection to review.