15 February 2018

Small Batch #2: Blood Orange/Ginger - Preview. 15 February 2018.

Last month, I reviewed Swedish Match's Small Batch #1.  The Small Batch series is a new series from Swedish Match for 2018 that will consist of  5 releases.  The first one was flavored to taste like champagne.  It was quite good!  This one, according to Swedish Match, will have a flavor profile that is a little different. They describe it by saying: "When we discovered the flavors for Small Batch # 2, we searched for a combination of blood potassium and ginger. The result was a snuff of bright tobacco character with clear elements of blood orange, bitter orange and ginger and some chocolate."  The last one was 24 portions at 1 gram each, so I assume this one will be much the same.  The nicotine strength isn't listed, but the last one felt to be regular strength/strong, so I assume this one will be the same.

And of course, once again, it isn't for sale to us in the US.  I'll reach out to my friends in Sweden to see if I can get some to review.  It sounds delicious!


  1. Omg, this looks delicious. Please use your clout with SM to get this stuff to the US. Thanks!