23 February 2018

Kardus Spring 2018 - Preview. 23 February 2018.

It's that time of year, and General Kardus 2018 is here! It is available for sale on Swedish Match's lebstore. Unfortunately, it's not available to the US, yet again. I was also told this morning it is limited to one piece per Swedish ID number. So, if any of our readers don't plan on buying one, let me know, because I'm looking for one to review. With that being said, I did the best translation I could of the Swedish description of this product. As usual, everything probably didn't translate the right way, but it does give you a good idea of this product. So, without further ado, let's get to know General Kardus Spring 2018!

General Kardus Spring 2018 has been developed in collaboration with Karl Ljung, glass manufacturer Orrefors, and is manufactured in numbered edition of 1000 units with 150g of snus in each. General Kardus is Swedish Match's most lavish snuff, carefully made of carefully selected tobacco varieties. It is launched in a very limited edition every year and is a snuff with specially developed flavors and aromas. 


This year's snus is inspired by Swedish herbs and the tobacco we have worked with in this year's General Kardus is 100% lamina. Then only the finest tobacco is used, carefully selected from India, Spain and the Philippines. The tobacco is cut into 0.72 mm strips according to the single cut method, which gives a completely different taste experience and feeling under the lip than regular loose snus.


Karl Ljungs said, "As a bar-keeper, I have a philosophy in terms of quality; That's when you feel you've got more than you expected. Not in quantity, but in experiences, both safe and unexpected. That's when the elegant and well-produced grows together. When we go to the pub do not bother it too much and when we are honest." Karl is a passionate bar-keeper and also snuser. He has made the taste of General Kardus 2018 in collaboration with Swedish Match Master Blender Lars Öberg. "So, without worrying too much and being honest: Snus is basically no more than tobacco, salt, water and a few condiments. If you are to develop a qualitative snus, you must start by producing qualitative raw materials. In this way, snus reminds you of cooking - how much you refined and refined you will not have to start with the ingredients." General Kardus Spring 2018 is proof of this. It is the most expensive and well-crafted snus that Swedish Match manufactures. The selection of tobacco, flavoring and manufacturing process has been carried out with the greatest care and focus on the taste experience.


The Swedish glass industry is world famous. The manufacturer, more than others, embodies Swedish crystal glass is Orrefors, which is today the largest glass manufacturer in the Nordic region. They are behind the package to General Kardus Spring 2018. The glass vessel is mouth-blown by skilled craftsmen at the glass mill in Småland. Texting and signing are then blasted in advance. And because the glass is handmade, every glass vessel is unique. "Orrefors has a clear connection to gastronomy - their glass is used in many taverns throughout Sweden. The green color of the vessel is supposed to reflect the heroic flavor of this year's edition." - Karl Ljung

The glass vessel is designed with the highest precision, and the sealing capability of the lid retains the quality of the snus for a long time. The flavor description for this year's release says, "The tobacco character of this year's General Kardus is dark and spicy. The taste is clear; Rosemary and thyme are present, together with citrus, dark berries and a little crust of spruce." General Kardus comes in a container with 150 grams of single cut snus. It has a nicotine content of 1.4%, pH of 8.5, and 51.5% moisture content.

It is available now on Swedish Match's webstore.  As I mentioned earlier, I'm looking for one to review, so if anyone can help out, let me know!

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  1. Thanks for bringing us the update but this inability to get cutting edge snuses in the US is really starting to get stale.