04 January 2017

General Cut (Czech Republic) - Preview. 4 January 2017.

Swedish Match appears to be launching some new "chewing tobacco" products, these being released in the Czech Republic. On Mirage Distribution's website they show 4 products being produced: General Cut: Strong Original (Chew Bags) which has 18mg/g of nicotine. General Cut: Ice White Extra Strong (Chew Bags) which has 20mg/g of nicotine. General Cut: Ice White (Chew Bags) which has 18mg/g of nicotine. General Cut: Original (Chew Bags) which has 14mg/g of nicotine.

I'm not sure if these are replacing General Chew Bags, which I reviewed not to long ago, or if these are a new chew product for the Czech Republic.  Once I find more info I can update this post.

Our friend Martin in the Czech Republic supplied us with some photos of one of the cans, he found some locally there and tried them out.

The bottom of the can tells us that this is an 18 gram can. On the bottom of the can you will also see "žvýkací tabák", which is Czech for chewing tobacco.  The production date says December 7th, 2016 so this appears to be a very new product.

Seeing as how this is a chewing tobacco product for a specific market, it doesn't appear as though this is something we will be able to get in the US.  But, it is good that other markets are getting different tobacco products that give them safer alternatives to smoking!

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  1. Just bought a can of General cut extra strong in Denmark. Would be very interesting to know more about this. The Czech can has more information on it compered to the one here. The first impressions is good. Let's see what the following days are bringing.