30 May 2016

General G3 Mint (Super Slim) Strong - Review. 30 May 2016.

Ever since Swedish Match launched The Lab Series in September of 2009, more and more companies have been getting into the slim portion game. Now, almost every company out there makes a slim portion. In an effort to continue to innovate, Swedish Match has launched another new portion format, super slim snus. The product description says, "G.3 Super Slim Mint Strong - a completely new portion format with a perfect fit and the same effect as a regular-sized portion! 30 portions per can! G.3 Super Slim Mint Strong has a mellow flavour character is mellow, with distinct notes of peppermint, along with hints of eucalyptus and cedar." This isn't a new flavor. If you've had General G3 Mint White or General G3 Mint White Extra Strong, you've already experienced the flavor, it's virtually the same.

I didn't have a slim white portion to compare this product to, but I did have another Swedish Match slim portion - General XRANGE Salmiak (Original Portion).  So, I'm going to compare those two.  Looking at the comparison with the XRANGE Salmiak on top and G3 Super Slim on bottom, you can easily see just how slim these portions are.  They appear to be a little shorter, as well.  They only weigh about 0.55 grams, so they're around the weight of a mini portion.  It is also interesting to note the nicotine content.  The nicotine comes in at 19.3mg/g, which puts each portion at 10.61mg/portion.  It's slightly stronger than a regular strength snus, but not too strong in terms of nicotine amount.

When you put a portion in your lip, you'll easily notice how slim they are. Now, I'm a big fan of slim portions, but I honestly didn't see the need to make a super slim snus. I can imagine these are to appeal to the mini portion user market, or to women who want a more discrete snus perhaps. I know a few guys who use them, but most of the people I've seen using them are women. So who knows, perhaps that's the market they're reaching out to.

When you open the can, the aroma that comes through is a sharp smell of peppermint.  There's a very slight cooling sensation that comes on when you put a portion in the lip, as well.  As far as the flavor goes, I don't really notice any cedar or eucalyptus, it seems to be a straightforward peppermint flavor.  Perhaps the eucalyptus is what contributes to that cooling sensation, but I don't notice it in the taste or the aroma.  As far as the taste goes, it's pretty solid.  If you like peppermint it's a quality flavor.  The nicotine strength seems a little low to be called "strong", because I honestly didn't feel much more than I would notice in a regular strength snus.  And though I do like slim portions, I don't feel like super slim portions are for me.  I imagine there is a market out there for these and people will use them, but they're not for me, personally.

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