20 October 2015

Skruf Slim Nordic White - Review. 20 October 2015.

Originally when I heard about this one it was being listed as a "mint/spearmint" type snus, which made me want to Falcon Punch a wall, but fortunately more info came to light later and it was listed as " A white [portion] snus flavored with licorice in a slim portion format, which will fit better under your lip!" Seems like more and more people are getting into producing licorice snus lately, it must be selling well.  The portions are the long type, but white. The tobacco is also evenly distributed in these so no reason for fluffing of these. The aroma is licorice, of course. Reminds me of the black Jelly Belly candies, much like the Oden's Lakrits I reviewed not too long ago. The portions are white, but the tobacco inside is quite moist so given enough pressing it starts to come through. So a nice little balance, a little more moist than a regular white but not much.

This is the first slim/long licorice snus released by any company, so if you're a fan of licorice and like long portions - this would definitely be for you. The portions are comfortable in the lip and taste like traditional licorice snus but are more mild and mellow with a nice touch of salt in the flavor.  There's also a mild tobacco flavor in the background that works really well with the flavor of the licorice.  The taste is a very mild and mellow taste, so if you're new to licorice snus, this may be a good one to get your feet wet!  The nicotine content is a 2/4 on the "Skruf Scale of Power", so not too strong, but the nic does feel like it hits a bit harder than the original portion I tried earlier. Dunno, maybe it's just my perception. So kudos to Skruf for embracing the long portion format as they have, I hope that all manufacturers follow suit and continue to expand into this category. It truly is the most comfortable way to enjoy snus.


  1. Chad, a little off-topic here... Found a retailer recently in my neck of the woods who sells General snus in a little refrigerator on the countertop. Picked some up. Have been using it and will discard when I get an order in of more dip-oriented snus i.e. Grov, Ettan and Probe. In the meantime... I cut open a portion of the General this morning, made a little prilla of the contents & wow... seemed like a much tastier product. Can you tell me, is the snus found in portions identical to the los version or is there a difference? Seemed like the loose, portion tobacco, was much saltier and less bergamot-ish when I took it out of the little sack. Am I imaging this or is there some truth to this? Thank you.

    1. The portion and los snus are the same recipe, but the different types of portion material and added moisture in some pouches affects the flavor, that's why you notice a different taste in white/original/los.

  2. I'm from Norway and I use snus. This one has been my favourite since I first started using. I absolutely love it. I have tried a couple of other licorice types like the Granit one and Catch but I don't think they come close. I also work in a grocery store and this one is not among the absolute bestsellers (skruf slim fresh white and general portion/løs gets that victory) but it sells okay. If they ever stop selling these in Norway I'm out, I'm done haha :) Also since it's illegal to ship snus from Sweden to Norway to private households.