General Variation - Discontinued. 10 August 2015.

According to our friends at SnusCENTRAL, General Variation has been discontinued. I reviewed both products back in 2014. I praised General Variation in my review article, saying General Variation "allows people to enjoy the General quality, but to go to different flavors when they want to mix up their rotation."

General Variation was originally a range that could potentially grow to include new flavors that are a twist on the classic General flavor profile, but unfortunately the brand will not live on long enough to see that realized.

If you enjoyed these products, stock up on them. Once the existing stock is sold out at your favorite webstore, it's gone forever.


  1. Aghgh! You gotta be kidding me! I've been holding out on a Snus Central order for the Islay lös to show up and was going to throw in the Smokey Oak and then this happens. Well... since I use both snus and dip so little I'll tell you this... I recently took a trip across the US to an area that sells Copenhagen "Southern Blend" (SB) and I picked up a can. Turns out I have found the best smokeless tobacco product I have ever tasted. I saw your review on this Chad & it cracked me up but for me, Cope SB is wonderful. Snus flavors (particularly Cope-oriented flavors) seem to come and go but Copenhagen is always there, doesn't change, doesn't go out of fashion and can be had, at times, for under $4.00 a can. I use this so little a can lasts me for months when I keep it in the freezer. There seems to be a lot of instability in the snus world with Copenhagen-esque dip flavors. Offroad long cut comes and goes. Kardus is nice but also disappears and when available, runs for $100.00 a can. Islay cans went plastic and C. Andersson left the project. Rumored smokey/tobacco/liquor flavors surface and then never materialize and now Smokey Oak is getting ditched. What gives? Low sales, obviously but why is it so hard for the snus world to embrace anything other than bergamot, mint and more bergamot?


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