07 July 2015

Göteborgs Rapé: "With Pride" Edition - 7 July 2015.

Swedish Match is releasing a limited Göteborgs Rapé produced called Göteborgs Rapé "With Pride Edition" in connection with Stockholm Pride. As a big fan of equality, I applaud Swedish Match for voicing their support to the equality movement. It says a lot about a company that they will stand on the side of human rights. 

I want to be clear that in the name Göteborgs Rapé "With Pride Edition", the term Rapé is not the negative connotation that may come to mind when those 4 letters are usually joined. To clarify, the word rapé is pronounced [rah-pey] with the emphasis on the 'ey'-sound.   Swedish Match explains the term: "The word ‘Rapé’ comes from France and means grate or grated, which refers to the 1700s practice that originated in French society circles where people grated their tobaccos by hand to get the exact consistency they wanted."

This limited edition can will go on sale mid-July and will be available in Swedish 7-Eleven stores and in Swedish Match's stores in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Strömstad.

Some of you may remember in 2008, Swedish Match also did a "Pride" edition of Roda Lacket. In 2008, Lekander, press officer for the brand at Swedish Match said "We planned to redesign the Roda Lacket to fall and now face the Pride so we thought it would be fun to do something extraordinary."  So Swedish Match isn't just jumping on the LGBT bandwagon now, this is something they've done before.

The article from Nyheter24.se says more about this release:

"This takes snuff producer position for Pride

Snus users or not, this has to be the year's biggest neatest snuffbox: Gothenburg Rapé with Pride.

In connection with Stockholm Pride this year, Swedish Match has developed box with 7-Eleven as both protagonists. Tove Lundgren, who is brand manager of Gothenburg Rapé Swedish Match, said in a press release that she personally am most proud of this product: "Pride conducts important work and we are delighted to be able to contribute by producing this publication alerting equal value," she says.

The snus will go on sale in mid-July in a limited edition. It will go to find in both 7-Eleven stores and the Swedish Match's own stores in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Strömstad, says in the press release.

Festival manager Christian Gerdes himself very satisfied with the initiative: "We welcome any connection to the Pride during Pride seasons and welcome this kind of initiative and that the company endorses Pride, he says."

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