07 July 2015

General Snus: Snus Anywhere Project. 7 July 2015.

Swedish Match is launching a new campaign for the General Snus line called The Snus Anywhere Project.  What it primarily focuses on is the fact that snus can be used anywhere and anytime.  It's an interesting campaign and the videos are pretty neat to watch, if  you haven't seen them yet you can check them out at GeneralSnus.com.

Here's how it works:

1.  Create an account on GeneralSnus.com.
2.  Watch the latest "Snus Anywhere" video.
3.  Submit your idea for where the next General Snus test should occur.
4.  Claim your reward (a General coupon) and a chance to win $5,000.
5.  Come back every two weeks for a new test/experience and another chance to win.
6.  Twelve grand prize winners will be selected in twelve separate random drawings (12 total – 1 entry per period).
7.  Winners will be awarded a check for $5,000.

As a snuser of 6 years, I could provide a ton of ideas for this. I usually don't enter contests like this to make sure that it stays open to other consumers and they have a better chance of winning. But in my experience, snus has been a great travel companion and a great way to enjoy nicotine in a discrete fashion.  I'm not a big fan of flying, so snus has been very helpful on flights.  I travel a lot for concerts and there are smoking bans at a lot of the venus I attend, so it's nice to be able to enjoy snus where I wouldn't be able to enjoy nicotine when I was a smoker.  I've also heard some interesting stories from readers of Snubie.com, so I look forward to seeing the submissions you all send in to this contest.  Good luck!

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