19 June 2015

Mellgren's IPA Single Cut Snus - By Conny Andersson. 22 June 2015.

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We were pleasantly surprised today with news of a new Conny Andersson product that has recently launched - Mellgren's IPA Single Cut Snus! This is a product of Mellgren's in Sweden and is made by Conny Anderson. It is available in their store or on their web shop.

Further information:
"After intense cooperation between Master Blender Conny Andersson and Mellgren's Fine Tobacco we can present its own snuff we call Mellgren's IPA Edition. To this snuff, we have had the IPA (Indian Pale Ale) as foreground in manufacturing. Conny has extensive experience in tobacco and is among other behind Swedish Match Kardus and Islay Whisky Snus. 

Connys comments: 
Snus is a tobacco cut which gives a cleaner flavor of tobacco in comparison with traditional ground tobacco. 

Brazil, Mata Norte is the mischievous little brother to the famous Mata Fina-tobacco from Bahia in eastern Brazil. Mata Norte Mata Fina sweetness and chocolate tones, but also coffee and roasted tones and higher nicotine content. 

Guatemala, more particularly in Nueva Concepcion. In the southwestern part of Guatemala cultivated a special tobacco dried in the air in barns built of cultivated eucalyptus trees. Elements of chocolate, nut and fruitiness, something exotic. 

United States, Lancaster. Amish grow this ecological tobacco. This air-cured tobacco has leather and earth tones and a good nicotine content. 

South Africa, the tobacco provides the backbone of the tobacco mixture. More taste and high nicotine content. I usually compare it to an honorable China Puff. This first batch is only available as loose snus, but if everything goes as planned will it also as White Portion later in the year. 

Blended by C. Andersson 2015"

Conny said this snus was inspired by a beer his a fan of, Ballast Point Sculpin IPA, which is a San Diego based beer. This beer is actually rated best IPA in the world by Beeradvocate! It also won a gold medal at the World Beer Cup 2010 in the IPA category. The beer is said to have “bright flavors and aromas of apricot, peach, mango and lemon. The lighter body also gives you the crispness of the hops that are used in this craft beer.” A Sculpin is a fish that has poisonous spikes on their fins and they can give a pretty hefty sting. It’s interesting, however, that Sculpin is actually considered to be some of the tastiest fish around.

Via our friend @andredias95, here's a photo of the can.
He also supplied us a close up photo of the grind of this snus. It looks a lot like long cut dip.

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  1. So it's slowly happening... Snus is transmogrifying into American dip... Long cut, presumably sweated (smoked)... Cannot wait to see that Islay lös... my guess is we're on the cusp of the new Copenhagen Black. Interesting to hear the quotes I see keep popping up attributed to Mr. Andersson. I come away thinking The Man himself would seem to prefer an American-style dip texture and flavor profile to the Swedish tobacco product known as "snus," a Scandinavian delicacy that to me taste like salty teabags with flowery overtones and hints of tobacco. Yes, we Americans make an awesome smokeless product. If Mr. Andersson can improve on it with less chemical additives and lower TSNA levels, then I'll have as snus over that!