Islay Whisky Update! 18 June 2015.

We've got lots of exciting news about Islay Whiskey Snus!

Last week, GN Tobacco announced on Instagram that we are 2 months away from Islay Whisky Los.  GN Tobacco says, "Holy cow, ladies and gentleman. Islay Whisky Los is in the air tonight. I think the first person who will try this stuff will probably be someone in Norway at @tobakksorensen. Unfortunately, the product will be released in 2 months which is a good chance to terrorize people with such kind pics until then."
Not only are we going to see Islay Whiskey Los soon, but we're also going to see Islay Whiskey White Portion! Our friend Larry Waters at published an article today that details further info about the growing Islay Whiskey brand and mentioned that Islay Whiskey White Portion is coming soon.

This is the new Islay Whiskey Snus can.  You may notice that it no longer says "C. Andersson" for our friend Conny Andersson.  He has since moved on from GN Tobacco and is going to be working with AG Snus, makers of Blue Ocean, Kapten and Ink.  The new snusmaker on the tin is "D.S. Josefsson".  As of now, I don't know much about him, but the Snubie Special Forces are on it and we'll report back when we learn more information about him.

So that's what we know so far.  Islay Whisky Los and Islay Whisky White Portion are coming soon from GN Tobacco.  Conny Anderson has moved on to AG Snus and D.S. Josefsson is taking the reins of Islay Whisky Snus.  I'm curious what they will do the quality of the snus.  I'll be doing a review of these new products along with the original portion format to compare and see if anything has changed.


  1. Yes!!! Chad, any idea if there is going to be an attempt to make this a courser grind or (gulp) a long cut a la the old Offroad/Kardus? Either way this one will probably have me forsaking my frugal ways and sucking up the PACT freight charges once and for all. Thanks for the head's up. Can't wait!

    1. Periodically V2 Tobacco makes a Long Cut snus. In the past they've done a tobacco flavored one, a Thunder Original flavored one, Wintergreen, Apple, Berry, Orange - so every now and then if you keep your eyes open V2 will do one, though I haven't heard anything about them doing one for quite some time.


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