06 May 2015

World Tobacco Harm Reduction Day - May 31st, 2015. 6 May 2015.

As most are aware, every year on May 31st is the World Health Organization's "World No Tobacco Day". In 2010, I wrote an article called "Proudly Using Snus On World No Tobacco Day" and I draw attention to it each year and talk about tobacco harm reduction, particularly when it comes to Swedish Snus and Health.  This year, we decided it was time to counteract "World No Tobacco Day" with the first "World Tobacco Harm Reduction Day".  Instead of just poking fun at "World No Tobacco Day", we decided it was time to counteract their misinformation with positive information.  Millions of people are being told to quit smoking without being presented real alternatives that can actually aid them in the pursuit of that goal.  This is where tobacco harm reduction comes in.

To commemorate the first WTHRD, myself, James Martin and Dane Smith of Inside Vaping, Larry Waters of SnusCENTRAL.org, Matt Campbell of the SnusCENTRAL YouTube Channel and my friend Christopher Nash of GoSmokeless.org and his YouTube channel "The Tobacco Experience" will join together for a live broadcast to be aired at 7PM CST/8PM EST on the SnusCENTRAL YouTube Channel.  Join us for a live discussion of tobacco harm reduction!


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