Macho Snus - By Conny Andersson. 26 May 2015.

After waiting for what seems like forever, it appears as though our friend Conny Andersson is back and working on a new snus product. In a photo posted on his Instagram Page, @snusconny, a new snus can has debuted.  The new product, "Macho", has a subtitle of "Craft Snus", which appears to mean that Conny will be producing craft snus/small batch snus.

We recently found out that Conny is leaving GN Tobacco and moving on to AG Snus, makers of Blue Ocean, Kapten and Ink.  Perhaps this will be a sub brand at AG Snus.

In one of the comments, he mentions the website, which could be the new brand under which new products will be released. At the very bottom of this photo is a caption that says, "I hereby promise expensive and holy that I will never ever make a snus flavored with Bergamot ... Monkey See, Monkey Do."

At this time, I don't have any more info to report, but it seems as though we do have something to get excited about!


  1. Awesome job, once again Chad. That new Conny Andersson snus looks amazing. Based on what he's done with Islay & all his work prior, I have no doubt this is going to be another break though. You've met the man... is he channeling Copenhagen dip or what? Islay seems to be pushing into the American flavor profile... and now this quote about no more bergamot? Looks like I'm not the only one grossed out by bergamot & citrus in tobacco! Keeping my fingers crossed Conny either finally creates the breakthrough snus with American-dip flavor I'm waiting for or forces the Swedes to see the light & Swedish Match does it . I'm telling you... make a snus with that Cope flavor and they will own the market! Very interesting development.


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