04 May 2015

Jakobsson's Melon Strong Slim Dry White - Preview. 4 May 2015.

It looks like Gotlandssnus is releasing a new Jakobsson's product that will bring the Jakobsson's line into new territory. This is the first Jakobsson's product that is released as a slim portion, and also their first "Dry White" product. Many companies are releasing these dryer snuses to save money when snus is taxed based on weight.

The product description says, "Finally - the popular flavor of Melon Strong now as a Dry White Portion with a Slim portion format! Jakobssons Melon is a strong snus with a fruity and sweet melon flavor; the portions run less than original ones and have a great fit under the lip. Enjoy the summerly flavor!"  This product is available for sale now!

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