Gustavus White Portion - Review (Discontinued). 12 May 2015.

NOTE  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

I've been a fan of Gustavus for many years. I first encountered it back in 2010 when I reviewed Gustavus Original Portion and I've kept some of it in stock ever since. It's a great tasting traditional Swedish Snus that's slightly different from the average "bergamot" taste. I recently found out that began carrying a new Gustavus product - Gustavus White Portion. The product description says, "Has a taste of tobacco with hints of citrus and saltiness."  If you've never had Gustavus before, it's something I encourage all lovers of Swedish Snus to try.  There really isn't anything out there like it.

Before we jump into the review, I wanted to look at how the can has changed over the years.  The sleek navy blue can with the metal catch lid from 2010 is my favorite; I think it's one of the classiest looking snus cans I've ever encountered.  The simple can from 2006 was relatively boring, as was the new can from 2014.  These new cans aren't quite as cool as the cans from 2010, but they do have a sense of classiness to them.  They remind me a lot of the old Camel Original Snus cans from JTI.

The new portions are a fairly good size, relatively plump and full of a good amount of tobacco. The aroma is a light and airy smell of bergamot with a faint floral hint in the background. Being a white portion, the taste comes on a little slower than an original portion, but it tastes just as great as the original portion format of Gustavus snus. There's a slightly sweet and light taste of citrus that greets you in the front and it mingles with a gentle floral hint in the background. There is a very mild taste of pepper in the background and a little bit of salt that ties together and accentuates the other flavors.  It's definitely a great taste.  As I mentioned before, if you love Swedish Snus and you've never had Gustavus before - you're missing out.  Unfortunately it's not available in the US at the moment, but if you're in Sweden or anywhere you can legally have snus shipped to you - check it out, it's a really good snus!