17 April 2015

Skruf Fresh Slim Xtra Stark White (Mint) - Review. 17 April 2015.

I can't believe it's been 4 years since I reviewed Skruf Slim Fresh White (Mint). It was Skruf's first release of a mint snus, and their first release of a long portion snus. Since then, they've gone on to fully embrace the long/slim format and release many more long/slim portion snus products.  When I browse Instagram for snus related photos, one of the ones that comes up most often is ladies posting photos of themselves and their Skruf Slim Fresh Mint White cans.  It is an immensely popular snus amongst women - probably the snus can I've seen most universally amongst women in the past 6 years I've been writing about Swedish Snus.  That's not to say men don't enjoy it, I know several men who do, but the biggest demographic I've seen posting photos of the old Skruf Slim Fresh White Mint is women.  Given it's popularity, it makes sense that Skruf would release an Xtra Stark version of that product.

When you open a can of Skruf Slim Fresh White Xtra Stark Mint, you'll notice the portions are quite slim, but have a decent amount of tobacco in them. The aroma that comes through is of peppermint, but it isn't sweet or biting like some of the other peppermint snuses out there - it actually comes through in a pretty mellow, natural and pleasant way.  There is a mild tingle/burn that comes on when you put a portion in your lip, and an immediate cooling sensation that comes on.  The taste is a very pleasant flavor of peppermint and natural mint with a small hint of eucalyptus/menthol in the background.  The product delivers a pretty good nicotine kick, being a Skruf Xtra Stark portion it's a 4/4 on the Skruf Scale of Power.  If you're a fan of mint snus and want something with a good nicotine kick, this would definitely be one to check out!

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