01 April 2015

Offroad Gold - Preview. 1 April 2015.

I'm a big fan of the Offroad Silver (Original Portion) and Offroad Silver (Los), so I was pretty excited to hear about Offroad Gold.  Obviously, Gold is a step above Silver, so this snus sounds like it's going to be pretty awesome.  Offroad Silver has replaced Offroad/Thunder Cola as my favorite product made by V2 Tobacco, so I'm definitely looking forward to getting ahold of some cans of this for review.  I should have some next week sometime that I'll be writing about.

There are three products launching under the Offroad Gold label.  Original Portion, Los and White Dry.  The flavor description of these products reminds me of how General is often described, and I'm a big General fan - so I look forward to trying these.  I'll post reviews once I get ahold of them.

Offroad Gold Original Portion

Offroad Gold Portion is uncompromising in its original portions whose taste is classic and sturdy. A spicy tobacco character combined with muffled tones of citrus.
Offroad Gold White Dry

Offroad Gold White Dry is a snus uncompromising and classic snus in the so-called "white dry" portion which means that the moisture content is lower and the snus runs less. The flavor and aroma is of traditional, spicy tobacco character with hints of citrus.
Offroad Gold Los

Offroad Gold Los is an uncompromising loose snus from V2 Tobacco which has a traditional and classic taste that is appreciated by many. A spicy tobacco flavor combined with a hint of citrus.

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