02 April 2015

General XRANGE Strong Slim Large White Portion - Review. 2 April 2015.

General XRANGE Strong Slim Large White is the only strong product released in the new XRANGE product line from Swedish Match.  Shortly after this product was launched, General Strong White was discontinued, so it appears as though this was a replacement for that one.  I remember trying Genral Strong White back in 2009 when I first started snus, and it was called "The Norwegian Edition", because Norwegians like strong snus, and they like white portions! When it comes to the product description for this one it says, "XRANGE General Slim Large White Strong Portion snus, like its regular strength XRANGE counterpart, has a mellow and spicy tobacco taste with distinct notes of citrus and bergamot, along with hints of tea."  This product comes in a 16.8 gram can with 21 portions for 0.8 gram portions. The nicotine content is 13.5mg/g (1.35%), which breaks down to 10.8mg/portion.

When you open a can of the new XRANGE General Strong White Slim Large, the aroma that comes through is a very present smell of citrus and a little pepper spice in the background.  The portions are soft to the touch and feel quite comfortable in the lip.  The taste is very much the same as most General White Portion type products.  The flavor of citrus and bergamot is in the front, with a mild tobacco flavor in the back.  The pepper flavor seems to be very slightly more present than in the General XRANGE Slim Large White, but it's very mild and the only thing I could really detect that varied from the usual General White type snus flavor.  The flavor lasts a pretty good amount of time; I've found I can keep this one in for a little over an hour.  The nicotine strength feels to be very slightly over regular strength, but it's not too strong by any means.  If you're a fan of the General flavor profile but crave just a little more nicotine, this is a great product to try out!

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