Snus Podcast - Episode 010. 1 March 2015.

Episode #10 of our podcast is now up - again! You can access it for streaming/downloading at our Podomatic Page or if you're an iTunes listener, it will be available on our iTunes Page once it processes.

The tenth episode of the Snus Podcast was pulled. We shared some news that wasn't quite ready to be released - so if you heard that podcast, you got to hear some top secret snus news! Once we're cleared to publicly release that info, we'll upload the original Episode 10 as Episode 11 for those who missed out on it.

In this episode, we brought back our buddy Christopher Nash from to join us. We discuss snus and a whole bunch of other non-snus topics. Our listeners sent us a lot of positive feedback about the episodes I did with Kiley and Nash where we just BS'd around for a bit, so we did a relaxed podcast with no outline and let loose. Enjoy!


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