07 March 2015

General Kardus & Ettan 1:AN Limited Cans - Back in 2015! 7 March 2015.

Over the past week I've been receiving reports from Sweden and Norway that people are seeing General Kardus back in stores again. The boxes are marked X/4000, so it looks like another run of General Kardus got produced.

I reviewed General Kardus back in December and was really impressed by the taste. It had been a few years since we have seen a Kardus release, so I was very glad to see it make a return. It wasn't cheap, it cost a little over $100, but I considered it a Christmas present to myself. The unfortunate thing was that it sold out online within hours, so not many people got to try it.

I'm not sure if this is going to pop up online or not, so once I get some more information on that, I'll update this post.

Over the past week I've also been receiving photos and reports from friends in Sweden that the Ettan 1:AN Limited Edition cans are back on sale again. If you're a can collector, like me, it's always fun to collect these limited edition cans that pop up from time to time.

As far as this one goes, I'm not sure if it'll end up online or not, either, but I'll update this post as I receive more information on this one, as well.

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