Blå Los Returns! 6 March 2015.

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Snusers, rejoice!  A long time favorite of long term Swedish Snus users was Blå Los from Fiedler and Lundgren. I reviewed it back in 2010 and was pretty disappointed when it was discontinued, as it was a pretty great product. The product page at Fiedler and Lundgren's website says, "A snus with a carefully selected blend of tobacco."  That doesn't say too much about it, so here's what our review said of it back in 2010.

From the 2010 Review:

"The taste of this is actually pretty good. Blå has a very rich flavor, and is yet another one without the traditional bergamot flavor. It tastes rather similar to Gellivare, Landstrom's, Grov, but has notes of chocolate in it than blend really well with the tobacco flavor. And it isn't a hint, you can pick the smell up when you open the can. The aroma that comes through is a rich tobacco flavor, but also very present notes of chocolate come through as soon as you crack the lid. This snus is rather easy to handbake, it has an excellent grind, and I did handbake a few pris' of this, and did a few with the Icetool, as well. It really is a good snus - it has a deep, rich tobacco flavor blended excellently with a chocolate flavor and a very small salt balance to enhance the flavor of Blå."

These photos are from a video review our friend Snusfreak posted.