20 February 2015

Swedish Match to discontinue 6 products - 20 February 2015.

It's nothing new that in the Swedish Snus world there are products discontinued often. With new products coming in, products that don't perform well are discontinued to make room for new arrivals. But this batch from Swedish Match particularly bothers me. This post from our friend Mikael Nordin shows 6 products that are going to be discontinued. The page says "We update the product range and make room for exciting news. From week 16 deleted following products from Swedish Match range."  

As you can see from the ad - the 6 products are General Long, General Tailored, General Strong Mini White, Onico Enbar, Goteborg's Rape White Slim and Catch Pure Mint.  3 of these particularly disturb me.  General Long and Goteborg's Rape White Slim are two products that I use on a regular basis, they are my daily snus use products.  General Tailored is one I use to mix things up a bit when I want to swap out for General Long.  So, needless to say, this news bugs me a little bit.  I can only hope that equally exceptional products will be added.

One thought I have is that a new portion material could be coming.  General Tailored and Goteborg's Rape White Slim both use the Natufibe pouches, which could be being replaced with something better.  Perhaps we'll see two new long/slim General products come that will take General Long and General Tailored White to the next level.  Only time will tell.

But for now, I'm mourning my lost comrades.  Week 16 is around the third week of April, so if you enjoy any of these products, you might want to stock up.


  1. Hey Chad random question here...do you know whatever happened to Northerner's stock? I don't know when this changed, but they carry FAR less (especially from V2) than they used to

    1. They're shipping from the US now instead of Sweden. Since they're shipping from the US, there are different laws/regulations and a limited amount of snus products they can ship from here.

  2. General Long is in my daily rotation and it kills me to see it go....on to better things(?).......I guess.