Chick Snus - Coming Soon! 18 January 2015.

I'm honestly surprised it's taken this long for another brand/line of snus to come forth that is specifically "female oriented". Outside of the Mocca brand of snus and the Catch line of snus, we haven't seen very many types/lines/products that look as though they're specifically made for women. Chick Snus says about their product, “For us, quality is always first, which is something that permeates all of our products. We have put a lot of time to find the perfect tobacco blend, the perfect flavoring, the perfect humidity, and the ultimate size of the pouch.”  When it comes to the brand, the one thing that stands out the most is the cans.  For some reason, animal print is something that women are very fond of.  I've noticed this with every girl I've ever dated - they always seem to own a few pieces of something in animal print - clothing, phone case, pillows, etc.  So this is a smart move on their part.  When it comes to the brand - they're launching 4 products.

Chick White Lemon

The prouduct description of Chick White Lemon says, "Has a mild tobacco near the aroma of fresh exotic flavor with hints of lemon."
Chick White Licorice

The prouduct description of Chick White Licorice says, "A luxurious exterior with a special leaves of tobacco flavors and a refreshing touch of licorice."
Chick White Original

The prouduct description of Chick White Original says, "Have a plump vine-ripened tobacco character."
Chick White Polar

The prouduct description of Chick White Polar says, "Have Healthy tobacco character that also reflects the box exterior."

I spoke with Robin from ChickSnus today and was told that they will begin selling two products January 26th in the PressbyrÄn chain in Sweden. They do not have plans to sell online at the moment. Also, they're a new company owned by Robin and a partner. You can also follow them on Instagram or Facebook.