SnusCENTRAL End Of Year Specials. 23 December 2014.

Between now and January 4th the e-store will be running specials on 19 snuses. Some are daily specials, some are weekly specials. There will be a variety of types of discounts available for each of these products. These are the dates/products that will be undergoing special pricing.

Moe Unz from the SnusCENTRAL store says,  "Now is the time to stock up on your favorite snus. Swedish snus taxes increase 12% on all new snus we purchase from the manufacturers beginning 1 Jan 2015! I, Moe Unz, have decided to close out 2014 and stumble into 2015 with a host of ONE DAY ONLY Snus Specials from 24 December through 1 January (GMT) and THREE Weekly Snus Specials. In the holiday spirit, below is the schedule for these Daily and Weekly Specials to make your purchase planning easier. All these specials are pre-programed to activate since I will be quite drunk by Christmas Eve! All times are supposed to be GMT but might be GMT+1. I don't remember what time zone the new server is located in. Either way, the Daily Specials will be valid for 24 hours once they do turn on! "

Weekly Specials 

22 Dec-29 Dec - Skruf Slim Polar Strong White Portion
29 Dec-4 Jan - Thunder Apple ES & General Classic Licorice

Daily Specials 

A different special every day for 9 days. 

24 Dec - Roda Lacket Los & Ettan Los
25 Dec - General White Mint Large & Kronan White Strong
26 Dec - G3 ES Original & G3 ES White
27 Dec - Grov Strong & Grov White
28 Dec - General Mini & General White Mini
29 Dec - Skruf White Selection & Probe Whiskey Portion
30 Dec - Icetool The Can & Kaliber White Salmiak
31 Dec - Icetool 3ml Stainless Steel & General Tailored White Portion
1 Jan - General ES Portion & Jakobsson’s Wintergreen Strong Portion