13 December 2014

MudJug For Snusers - At Home And On The Road! 13 December 2014.

When you think of Mud Jug, you're thinking of an accessory that is designed to be a portable spittoon. I know, I thought the same thing about them for a long time, as well. But did you know that Mud Jug is also a useful accessory for the snus user, as well? It's true. I've used a Mud Jug at home for many years now, and now there's a new Mud Jug that I use in the car, as well. But more on that later. If you're a snuser and want to discard your portions neatly, I suggest both of these products - one for in the car and one for at home.  First, let's talk about how to retrofit a Mud Jug for snus use.

First, to retrofit a Mud Jug for snus use, you'll need to pop the top off. When you look at it, you'll notice the inner cone comes to a narrow point. Obviously, too small to fit a snus portion through.
You'll need either a sharp knife, or a knife with a serrated blade. Move up about an inch from the cone point and cut it off, which will make the opening a little bigger, and easily big enough to slide a snus portion into.
Mud Jug At Home
Mud Jug Portable Spittoon

The first Mud Jug I use is the standard black portable spittoon.  I used to keep a Pringles can by my couch and that was where I put used snus portions.  Obviously, it's not very aesthetically pleasing to have snus portions piling up - so I switched to this.  I throw my used portions in there and they're hidden away.  I dump it every week when it gets full - no mess, no stress.

Mud Jug On The Road 
Mud Jug Roadie

This is a new product I'm really excited about.  It's shaped like a soda can with the funnel on top and fits perfectly in your cars cup holder.  I used to keep a paper cup in the car and toss my used portions in there, but this is much neater and doesn't look as messy.  Definitely a much easier way to discard your used snus portions!

So, if you're a snuser and want to have some neat accessories to discard your snus portions without a visible mess - I definitely suggest using Mud Jug to declutter your used snus portions and keep them out of sight.

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