23 December 2014

BuySnus.com December 24th Christmas Sale - 23 December 2014.

If you need to stock up on snus, or want to get ahead of the price rise that is coming in 2015 - NOW is the time. BuySnus.com is running some crazy deals until December 24th 23:59:59 UTC, which is 5:59PM (Central Time) December 24th in the US if you're not familiar with UTC.  So you have the next 24 hours to get in on these deals.  Swedish Match brands 50% off, select GNT and V2 brands 40% off.  Select Jakobsson's, F&L, Skruf and V2 brands 10% off.  Check out the full list below.

50% off deals - (click here)

50% off Swedish Match Brands 

02 Strong
05 White Strong Long
06 Extra Strong Long
07 White Extra Strong Long
12 Fresh Mint White Strong Long
13 Formula Plus Extra Strong Slim
Catch Collection Violet Licorice Mini
Catch Licorice Mini
Catch Pure Min
Catch White Eucalyptus
Catch White Licorice
Catch White Spearmint Long
Catch White Spearmint Mini
Catch Eucalyptus White Mini
Catch Licorice White Mini
Ettan Loose
Ettan Portion
Ettan White
General Classic Blend
General Classic Licorice
General Dry Mini Mint
General Extra Strong Los
General Extra Strong Portion
G3 Strong
G3 White
General Long
General Los
General Mini
General Mini White
General Mint White
General Nordic Mint
General Onyx
General Portion
General Strong White Mini
General Strong White
General Tailored White
General Variation Rustic Blend
General Variation Smoky Oak
General White
General Wintergreen
Goteborg’s Prima Fint Los
Goteborg’s Rape Los
Goteborg’s Rape Mini White
Goteborg’s Rape Lime
Goteborg’s Rape Lingon
Goteborg’s Rape White
Goteborg’s Rape White Slim
Grov Los
Grov Portion
Grov Strong
Grov White
Kaliber Original Extra Tobakssmak
Kaliber Original
Kaliber White
Kaliber Salmiak White
Kaliber Special White
Kronan Los
Kronan Portion
Kronan Strong White
Kronan White
Nick and Johnny: Americana
Nick and Johnny: Crushed Ice White
Nick and Johnny: Crushed Ice
Nick and Johnny: Desert Green
Nick and Johnny: Red Hot
Nick and Johnny: Strong
Nick and Johnny: Strong White
Probe Los
Probe Original
Roda Lacket Los
Roda Lacket White
Lab Fresh Cool Mint
Lab Fresh Lemon
Lab Fresh Mint
Tre Ankare Mini White
Tre Ankare White

40% off deals - (click here)

40% off select GN Tobacco and V2 Tobacco Brands

Islay Whisky Snus
Oden’s 69 White Dry
Oden’s Cold
Oden’s Extra Strong Original
Oden’s Extreme Cold
Oden’s Extreme Licorice
Oden’s Extreme Los
Oden’s Extreme Portion
Oden’s Extreme Pure Wintergreen
Oden’s Extreme Vanilla
Oden’s Original
Offroad Original
Offroad Wintergreen
Offroad Apple White Mini
Offroad Coola White
Offroad Eucalyptus
Offroad Eucalyptus White Mini
Offroad Frosted White Dry
Offroad Frosted
Offroad Juelsnus Portion
Offroad Licorice White
Olde Ving 99
Olde Ving Fudge
Olde Ving Melon
Thunder Apple
Thunder Blue
Thunder Cool Mint
Thunder Coola
Thunder Eucalytpus
Thunder Extra Strong
Thunder Frosted Christmas Edition
Thunder Frosted
Thunder Frosted Longer+
Thunder Frosted Mini+
Thunder Lemon
Thunder Melon
Thunder Raspberry
Thunder Ultra Frosted
Thunder Ultra Original
Thunder Ultra Raspberry
Thunder White Cool Mint
Thunder White Dry Frosted
Thunder Ultra White Dry Frosted
Thunder White Frosted
Thunder White Ultra Frosted
Thunder White Ultra
Thunder White Wintergreen
Thunder Wintergreen

10% off deals - (click here)

10% off select Gotlandssnus, F&L, Skruf and V2 Tobacco Brands

Gotlands Julesnus
Granit Los
Granit Maxad
Granit Portion
Granit White
Icetool Snus Portioners and Accessory Cans
Jakobsson’s Flader
Jakobsson’s Ice Fruit
Jakobsson’s Melon Mini
Jakobsson’s Melon Strong
Jakobsson’s Mint Strong
Jakobsson’s Wintergreen Mini
Jakobsson’s Wintergreen
Knox Los
Knox Portion
Knox Stark
Knox White
Mocca Licorice
Mocca Mint Mini
Nord 66 Nordic Breeze
Oliver Twist products
Phantom Blue
Phantom Brown Los
Phantom Classic Mini
Phantom Classic Portion
Phantom Classic White
Skruf Cranberry White
Skruf Mix
Skruf Original Portion
Skruf Selection White
Skruf Slim Fresh White
Skruf Slim Polar White
Scruff Slim Strong White
Skruf Sun Fresh Slim
Skruf Slim White
Skruf Slim Xtra Strong White
Skruf Strong Los
Skruf Strong
Skruf Strong White
Skruf White
Skruf Xtra Strong
Skruf Xtra Strong White
Mix - Los
Mix - Portion
Mix - Portion & Los
Thunder ES Original Los
Thunder ES Frosted Los
V2 Mix

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