Skruf Original (White Portion) #2 - Review. 6 November 2014.

Review Updated: 30 May 2020

The Skruf brand has gone through a redesign, so I figured it was time to give this one a re-review!  This is one of the OG's of the Skruf lineup, and was launched back in 2009.  It's a great traditional flavored snus, but with a unique twist to it due to the inclusion of rose oil!  When it comes to this snus, the flavor description says, "A taste of pure and gentle tobacco with the natural taste of bergamot and rose oil".  Each can weighs 21.6g and has 24 portions for 0.9g portions.  The nicotine content is 8mg/g (0.8%), or 7.2mg/portion.

When you open the can, a gentle aroma of citrus comes through along with a light sweetness. The portions are nice and soft, and comfortable under the lip. The flavor is very much your traditional Swedish Snus taste; the citrus flavor comes through clearly, but in a mild way. What makes Skruf different is the lightly sweet floral notes from the rose oil, which serve as a nice compliment to the traditional flavor of citrus! The nicotine strength on this one feels right at the regular level, and the flavor lasts about an hour on average!  Skruf makes a great tasting product, and if you like the traditional flavor of Swedish Snus, it's a must try!

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