18 November 2014

Onico Snus - New Formula, Softer Pouch - 18 November 2014

According to the Onico Snus website, "New Formula, Softer Pouch. We want to deliver the best and most quality products and [that] requires continuous improvement. In our consumer research, we have identified a clear preference; [these products] that should have a smoother and less dry pouch. Our consumers' wishes and views are the basis for everything we do and we are proud to present the result: A new formula and a slightly lighter and much softer pouch, for a more comfortable feel under the lip. The transition to the new softer pouch will be done gradually, starting the second week of November."

If you aren't familiar with Onico, it's a nicotine free snus product produced by Swedish Match. Instead of tobacco, they use vegetable/plant fibers to make the "snus" that is inside the portion.

People who want to quit nicotine often use Onico as a way of tapering down their snus usage, however that isn't it's only use.  There are a lot of people, like myself, who use Onico at night.  I usually have a snus portion in the majority of the day, but at night to start getting ready for bed I'll usually throw in an Onico portion so I can continue enjoying snus, but without the nicotine so I can start calming my body down and getting ready for sleep.  I haven't reviewed these yet, but I plan on doing it in the future.  They're actually pretty good for being nicotine free products!

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