Oden's Extra Stark (Lös) - Review. 3 November 2014.

Review Updated:  10 May 2022

I get excited when I get to revisit a lös / loose snus product.  Mainly, because no one makes them anymore.  As the smokeless world seems to be transitioning to an "all white" future, these products are becoming more and more rare.  But, also, more and more special.  This is GN Tobacco's Oden's Extra Stark Loose, a stronger, traditional tasting loose snus!  This is how GNT describes it:  "Strong and aromatic tobacco blend with traditional and well rounded Swedish tobacco flavor".  Each can weighs in at 40 grams.  The nicotine content is 17mg/g (1.7%).

I love opening up a can of loose snus.  For so long, I was buried in nicotine pouch reviews.  Now, when I open up a can like this and see this beautiful black gold, it fills me with such joy.  It's the little things in life.  The aroma is a rich, dark tobacco aroma with subtle hints of bergamot, and a little pepper.  It almost has a faint sweetness to it, as well.  The loose is a dream to work with.  It's got a beautiful grind, it's moist, and bakes quite well in the lip.  The flavor of this one is quite good.  There's a present taste of tobacco to it.  It's a dark, robust, rich taste of tobacco.  There are light, subtle hints of bergamot to it, and a faint sweetness.  On the back end, I notice some peppery tones.  The flavor lasts about 40-45 minutes, on average.  In terms of the strength, that's really hard to quantify.  It really depends on how small or how big you bake your prilla.  For me, I usually do a 1.5-2 gram prilla, and it feels to hang around the extra strong level.  So, not a bad kick at all.

Rating and Final Thoughts

I rated this one at 3.17/5.  It's a little stronger than I prefer, but on the others fronts it's a pretty solid snus.  Good looking can, nice aroma, nice flavor, great grind.  And, it has a pretty decent price tag on it as well.  But really, any loose you can get these days is decent.  No one really makes loose anymore so I truly appreciate any loose that's on the market.  A big thanks to all the manufacturers still making loose snus, because they're the true MVPs!