26 November 2014

General Kardus Selection 2015. 26 November 2014.

The review of General Kardus Selection 2015 is in! Head on over to this article to read our full review!

It's been 2 years since we've seen a Kardus Snus, and Swedish Match is bringing it back in style.

This year we're going to see the release of "General Kardus Selection 2015".  There are 4,000 being released, of which 200 are going to Norway.  Work on General Kardus began 2 years ago, and the reason for not seeing a Kardus in 2013 was because they didn't reach the quality that they desired for this product.

I have to say - this is the most excited I've ever been about a Kardus.  I love General Snus, and I love Kardus and I can only imagine how great the pairing of these two concepts will be.

General Kardus consists of four different tobacco varieties:

"Green River" from an Amish plantation in Pennsylvania (USA)
"One Sucker" from Guatemala
"Malawi Western" from India
"Criolla" from Argentina.

Of these four varieties - two will be air cured and two will be sun cured.  Swedish Match claims this will create a unique flavor and consistency that has never been for sale.

The flavor description describes General Kardus as a clear tobacco flavor with hints of fruit, nutmeg, dried apricot, raisins and a peak of rose hips and lemon. The snus flavors will continue to mature in the flavor and after about 8 weeks of cold storage, the flavor reaches it's full potential.

Now, let's talk about the tobacco.  The tobacco plants were harvested whole, and only the middle leaves were used.  This makes the taste more mature, saturated and full without being "sharp".  After harvest, the stalk and plant nerves are cut away - which provides a unique concentration of the pure tobacco.  After years of study - they found that cutting the tobacco into 0.72mm will yield a cut surface that releases more flavor and more flavor nuances than the normal ground tobacco.  The flavor lasts longer due to this cutting method, as well.

Via our friend @bosselindqwist on Instagram, this is what the tobacco itself looks like in the can.

It's not quite as long cut looking as the Kardus of the past, but not quite as finely ground as General Los.
When it comes to the container, the lid will be made of oak, while the rest of the container will come in gilded tin.  If you remember Kardus in the past, the box was luxurious, but the container inside was a basic plastic container - nothing too exciting.  General Kardus will be presenting not just a classy box, but it will come with an equally classy tin.

So far, the places I know you can get it at are either in Norway at one of the following six specialty shops: Sol Cigar in Oslo, Sørensen Tobakk in Bergen, Havana Magasinet in Stavanger, Wi-To in Tromsø, Mix Solsiden in Trondheim and Gull & Cigarer in Ålesund.

On 6 December, 2014 - General Kardus officially launches. From 28 November to the release date, General Kardus is available for Pre-Order at the Swedish Match Swedish Snus shops on Main Street 3 in Stockholm and the Swedish Snus Stromstad and it will be in stock at those stores on December 6th. There will be 95 select retailers in Sweden that will sell the product starting on 8 December.

Pre-Order/Ordering Information:

General Kardus will cost 109.83$ plus shipping.  To pre-order General Kardus for the December 14th/December 15th shipping date, you can get it from one of these web stores.  But hurry, supplies are INCREDIBLY limited for online retailers.

SnusCENTRAL.com - (link)
BuySnus.com - (link)

To compare previous prices:
General Kardus - 150 grams - 125$ USD - 0.83$/gram
Kardus Superior Blend - 100 grams - 70$ USD - 0.70$/gram
General Los - 42 grams - 5.12$ USD - 0.12$/gram

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