12 November 2014

Byron Anis (Portion) - Review. 12 November 2014.

Byron is a Swedish Snus made with Cuban tobacco. In the past, SPT made their Cuban tobacco snus under the brand Montecristo and Romey Y Julieta, but recently changed their products over to the Byron brand.  This product was formerly known as Romeo Y Julieta SeƱor (or No2).  The product description says, "With its refreshing anise-tone and slightly rosighet, has Byron Anis Serving a natural place in every knowledgeable snus users pocket. It stands out, simply. The iconic metal box contained a colorful history. Already in the nineteenth century began the recipe for the flavor you know today. This was first proposed gates up to what would become the mecca cigar connoisseur. The founders named the brand to Byron, after the renowned British poet Lord Byron."

Many of you may know, President Barack Obama recently called for an end to the Cuban Embargo and began easing sanctions with Cuba. It's still not legal to buy Cuban products online, although US/Cuban ties have been restored and travel to Cuba should be beginning soon, as well.  From what I understand, it's no longer illegal to own Cuban cigars/tobacco, and you can bring small amounts of Cuban tobacco/cigars back to the US with you, but you can't order it online.

This product comes in a classy, metal red colored can. To use my friend Larry Water's term, this can is very "bar worthy".  When you open a can, a robust aroma of Cuban tobacco comes through with a slight hint of licorice.  If you've never smelled Cuban tobacco before, it's very aromatic; it smells fantastic!  The flavor is great - a flavor of robust, rich Cuban tobacco with a spicy/pepper kick in the background and slight hints of licorice.  The small hints of licorice aren't very bold, but I do feel they compliment the tobacco quite well. On our last podcast, we actually discussed how well licorice compliments tobacco, and this snus is a perfect example of that.  If you're a fan of tobacco and licorice, this snus is a must try!

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