2014 Christmas Snus Reviews. 24 November 2014.

It is my favorite time of year, the holidays! And every year around November I look forward to the best part of the year in the snus world - Julesnus! I recently did an order with The Northerner and loaded up on all the holiday goodness!  This year the usual favorites are here from Gotlandssnus and V2 Tobacco, in portion and in los.  Unfortunately, this is the last year we'll see Gotlandssnus release a Julesnus in los format.  It's also the last los product in general that Gotlandssnus makes, so this is our last chance to enjoy that format at all from Gotlandssnus.  We also had a new arrival to the Christmas Snus family from V2 Tobacco - Thunder Frosted Christmas.  A different take on the Christmas Snus flavor!  So, with all that being said, let's dive in and talk about these snuses!

Thunder Frosted Christmas

First, let's talk about the newest Christmas snus - Thunder Frosted Christmas from V2 Tobacco!  This one caught me off guard and was a big surprise, but an enjoyable one! The product description says, "Limited Edition! The freshness of Thunder Frosted Portion plus the flavors of Christmas, what a delicious blend... An incredibly good Christmas snus from V2 Tobacco! 10 cans in a Limited Edition Big Can - get yours while they last!"  This one came in the V2 Big Can which had 10 cans of Thunder Frosted Christmas in it.  This snus only came in portion this year, though I'm hoping we see a los version next year.

When you open a can of Thunder Frosted Christmas, the aroma that comes through is a sweet spearmint smell mixed with a hint of vanilla and just a little bit of cinnamon. It smells really, really good. The taste hits you immediately once you put a portion in - the vanilla is up front with the spearmint flavor in the back, and you can taste hints of cinnamon and a little bit of Eastern spice from the cardamom. All these flavors mix very well together for a taste that is nothing like Julesnus, but still very reminiscent of Christmas in it's own way. I love it, I'm a big fan of anything vanilla and a lover of all things Christmas so this snus is right up my alley. I look forward to enjoying this and Julesnus throughout the holiday season.

It was a very unique flavor, and a welcome addition to the Christmas snus lineup!  I hope this one sticks around and we see it again next year.

Offroad Julesnus (V2 Tobacco)

First, let's talk about Julesnus from V2 Tobacco.  If you're an old school snuser who isn't aware, Julesnus underwent a name change last year.  In the past, the V2 Julesnus was called "Nordstrommen Julesnus", but now it's called Offroad.  Fret not, it's just a name change and it didn't affect the flavor at all. The product description says, "Has a powerful christmas aroma and flavor of mulled wine, cinnamon and cardamom."  If you're unfamiliar with Glogg, or "mulled wine", it's a type of hot Christmas drink common in Sweden flavored with cinnamon, clove, vanilla and sugar.  It's very good.  If you don't want to actually make it from scratch, you can buy a kit. Check out this video, I made some a few years back and did a little instructional how to about making Glogg.

Offroad Julesnus Portion

When you open a can of Offroad Julesnus portion, the aroma of sweet clove and cinnamon comes through and hearkens back to Christmas.  The taste is quite pleasant.  The taste of cinnamon is in the front, and it mingles very well with the flavors of sweet clove.  There's a slight hint of ginger and nutmeg, and it mixes with a little eastern spice in the background from the cardamom.  If you haven't had cardamom before, it contributes a little exotic taste to the Julesnus, slightly spicy, slightly citrusy and a little herbal.

Offroad Julesnus Los

When it comes to the lossnus, I suggest using a snus portioning tool.  It's not too fine, but it's easiest if you use a tool.  When you open a can, the aroma of earthy tobacco comes through with a little spice and a little cinnamon mixed in.  The snus itself is very soft in the lip and the flavors come on immediately!  One thing I love about los is how close it gets you to the tobacco and the fact that you can taste the tobacco with the flavors.  This one has the same flavor as the portion, a mixing of cinnamon and sweet clove with a little spice in the background and a hint of ginger and nutmeg.  The cardamom contributes the same exotic flavor that is present in the portion.  All these flavors aren't quite as bold as in the portion, they're mixed very well with a taste of mellow, earthy tobacco.  I much prefer the los to portions, but that's just me.  I like the mixing of the tobacco taste and the Christmas taste.  It's a very nice experience.

Gotlandssnus Julesnus

As I mentioned earlier, this is sadly the last year we'll see the Gotlandssnus Julesnus Los.  It's also the last los product in the Gotlandssnus family, so it's hard to say goodbye.  I do love those cans, and their los has a great taste! The product description says, "A taste of christmas! Flavor of ginger bread, cinnamon and glu wein (Glogg)."  If you're not familiar with Glogg, I mentioned above a video I made about how to make it - you can check that out if you're interested.  If you don't wanna make it from scratch, it's fairly easy to find a kit, and these snuses go great with it!

Gotlandssnus Julesnus Portion

When you open a can of Gotlandssnus Julesnus Portion, the aroma that comes through isn't as sweet as the V2 Julesnus, is much more mellow and natural.  There's a slight hint of apple and a little hint of ginger.  In the flavor, the cinnamon is presence and a little bit of clove, but not much.  There is a nice little apple cider flavor in the background, and a hint of ginger.  The flavor isn't too sweet, but it does hearken back to the overall Christmas experience.  It's quite tasty, and this one pairs great with either Glogg or hot Apple Cider!

Gotlandssnus Julesnus Los

As with the V2 Julesnus, I suggest using a snus portioning tool with this one.  You can handbake, but it's a little on the finer side so I use a tool when I make a prilla.  The aroma of this one is a mellow tobacco smell with a slightly sweet hint of cinnamon and clove.  The tobacco flavor pairs very well with the apple cider taste and the little hints of ginger and cinnamon in the background add to the flavor of the snus.  They're all in great balance - a natural flavoring of the Christmas ingredients paired with the mild, earthy taste of the tobacco.  As I mention often, I love los because it gets you as close to the tobacco as possible, and the added flavors aren't as present or bold and balance more with the tobacco taste.  I enjoy this one in los format more, myself - but that's just me.  I like being able to taste the tobacco and the flavor!

So, you're probably asking, "Which one should I order?" My answer? All of them. Each one has a completely different taste, but all of them remind me of the Christmas spirit.  The Frosted Christmas is a unique taste of mint and Christmas flavors.  The V2 Julesnus has a sweet Christmas taste of cinnamon and clove.  The Gotlandssnus Julesnus has a natural and mellow taste of apple cider with hints of ginger.  They all have their own unique flavor, but all are welcome when the holidays come around.  I definitely suggest giving each one a try this year if you're new to snus.  If this is your first year enjoying Julesnus, trust me, you'll be hooked!