Kaliber Vit Salmiak - Review. 31 October 2014.

Review Updated: 15 November 2018

It's been 4 years since I wrote this article, and since then, Kaliber has gone through two design changes, so I figured it was time to come back around and update this review. Kaliber Snus is a budget priced alternative from Swedish Match that launched in 2011. It remains popular today and many snusers use it when they want to save a little money. When it launched, this is how Swedish Match described it: "Swedish Match will be launching a modern, attractively priced alternative, Kaliber, to accommodate consumers who want high-quality low-priced snus. Kaliber is a straightforward portion-packaged snus for price-conscious consumers who are unwilling to compromise on quality."

The flavor description says, "Dark tobacco character with clear elements of licorice root and salmiak, and some dried figs."  This snus comes in a 16 gram can with 20 portions for 0.8 gram portions.  The nicotine strength is 8mg/g (0.8%), or 6.4mg/portion.

When you open the can, the aroma that greets you is a very present smell of black licorice. The portions themselves are soft, and comfortable in the lip. The flavor is a present, natural taste of black licorice with a light hint of tobacco in the background. The flavor lasts a pretty good amount of time; on average I can keep one of these in for up to an hour. The nicotine strength feels to be about the regular level, as well. If I had to compare this to anything, I would say it reminds me of Catch Licorice, but with a milder tobacco taste and the licorice is a touch less sweet.  If you like licorice flavored snus and want to save a few bucks, give this one a try!

This product available for purchase at SnusDirect.com!