25 July 2013

Oden's Extreme 79 Portion (Ginger Lime) Review. 25 July 2013.

It's been a while since I reviewed Olde Viking Ginger Lime snus. At the time, GN Tobacco was a relatively new company, the products were coming into their own, and some of the early incarnations weren't exactly the best. In 2010, when I reviewed it last, I wasn't a big fan of it - the taste was bitter, didn't last long, and wasn't something I wanted to keep in my face. So, here we are, 3 years later, and Ginger Lime is now released under the Extreme line as #79. How does it rate? I picked up a can from The Northerner and will be reviewing it today. The aroma is quite different - the smokey tobacco aroma is very present, with subtle hints of ginger. The lime isn't coming through in the aroma, but we'll see how it rates when we taste it.

Being an Extreme Portion, this snus is going to be much stronger than the Olde Viking form I tried last time. The flavor is much improved, I'm proud to say. The smokey tobacco taste common to Extreme Snus is there, and mellow hints of ginger and a little bit of lime. I can clearly pick apart both flavors and say that they are present in this snus, and the taste has much improved from the Olde Viking version. As a lover of Ginger, I'm glad to say there is finally a snus that has this in the flavor profile. If you can get ahold of this, definitely give it a go, because it's tasty.

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