Goteborg's Rape Summer 2013 Edition - Havthron. (Limited Edition) Review. 7 July 2013.

NOTE:  This product was a limited edition release and is no longer for sale.

In May I attended the 2013 Snus Summit in Chicago and had the opportunity to talk with Swedish Match about some upcoming products this year. One they mentioned was Havthorn Goteborg's Rape, a limited edition snus for the summer of 2013. "The flavor is being described as "cloud berry", It reminds me of this snus I talked about in September 2012. It was a limited snus in a line of three they made to celebrate 50 years of the factory in Gothenburg. To describe it, "They made Chicoute´, or as it's often known, "cloudberry", which came as a white mini. Chicoute´ is a fruit with a rather tart taste, similar to how juniper tastes in my opinion, but more fruity. A very pleasant taste!" So look for that to come soon as well!" Well, the snus is now available, and may I say - it is absolutely delicious.

When you open a can, the aroma that comes through has hints of juniper, as is common with GR, but a slightly sweet fruity aroma as well. The taste is a little bit tart - hints of juniper and fruits, and a little bit sweet. It's definitely a fresh fruity taste, but with the presence of Goteborg's Rape. It's a very classic taste, but with a fruity twist for the summer! If you're a fan of GoteRape, or want to try something different for the warm season, this is one to check out!