Goodbye Montecristo and Romeo y Julieta. Hello.....Byron? 22 May 2013.

In a rather odd move, Scandinavian Premium Tobacco AB has rebranded their Cuban Snus line. Montecristo has become Byron Portion, Romeo Y Julieta has become Byron Anis Portion and Romeo Y Julieta Señorita Mini has become Byron Senorita. They go on to describe each one as follows.
Byron Portion: "Byron Portion is the classic premium snus' best friend. The characteristic taste takes you on a tour of nineteenth-century Cuba, where cigar spouses and cousins ​​Jose and Eusebio had just opened the first ever Byron plant. Nominally taken the inspiration from the people dear poet Lord Byron. First, as an allusion to the almost poetic delicate blend of tobacco but as a nod to their British supporters. Today we pack the Cuban cigar tradition of snuff format, with fresh hints of bergamot. With a unique box that match snus taste and attitude, we welcome snuff into class salon engines."
 Byron Anis Portion: "With its refreshing anise-tone and slightly rosighet, has Byron Anis Serving a natural place in every knowledgeable snus users pocket. It stands out, simply. The iconic metal box contained a colorful history. Already in the nineteenth century began the recipe for the flavor you know today. This was first proposed gates up to what would become the mecca cigar connoisseur. The founders named the brand to Byron, after the renowned British poet Lord Byron. Generations later cigarrullande stands Byron Anis Serving as the proud inheritor."
Byron Señorita Mini: "The tobacco blend is basically the same but the size and appearance differs Byron Señorita Mini from his brothers. The design is a nod to snuff historic background. If you look closely, you can almost see its Cuban cigar predecessors wrapped in their beautiful porcelain boxes. For nearly two centuries Byron created, shipped and sold cigars to an exclusive group of the world. And we will give you the equivalent of snuff."


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