19 April 2013

SupporterSnus Review. 19 April 2013.

I've been wanting to write about Supporter Snus for a while, and I recently noticed our friends at Northerner were stocking some varieties of this (not for the US, but for other markets), so I thought it was time I wrote about it for our friends across the pond. They have 8 different kinds in stock now. Forgive the Google Translate, but this is what SupporterSnus is all about. "Supporter Snus portion is a snus with tradition according to taste, now with an even more authentic tobacco flavor and hint of bergamote, spices and salt together give a classic feel. Stödj your team with a unique supporter snuff. The sale of your team's supporters snuff contribute financially to your supporters club. If you still use snuff so Supporter snuff the optimal way to support your club - you show others which law applies, you support the team financially and morally. Supporter Snuff - snuff for real supporters."

As far as the taste, I've surprisingly wrote about it before. In the past, I reviewed Blågul, which is the only snus from this company available to the US via BuySnus. The taste of SupporterSnus is the same. They all have the same flavor, as well, but different can designs so you can support your team. To quote my review, "One thing that I found to be very interesting is how moist these portions are. They look almost like the Grinds coffee pouch product I reviewed a few months ago. They're very full, soft, and comfortable in the lip. When you open the can, the aroma is very citrusy with almost hints of lemon to it. The taste is very traditional - a bergamot flavor but with a very amped up pepper taste. The pepper taste is very predominant, and tastes almost akin to white pepper and less to black pepper. If you're a cook you'll know what I'm talking about. There is very little salt to this one, the flavor I'm picking up the most is the pepper, and the citrus is right behind that. It's interesting, outside of Oden's Extreme I haven't really ever experienced a snus that had such a strong peppery taste to it. It's not bad, just different. So if you're wanting to try something new and dig the classic Swedish taste, check this out. It's not something I'd use all the time, but it definitely has a unique taste to it." For those across the pond, it's a cool concept, and if you find a can that matches your team, the flavor is pretty decent.

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