Nick & Johnny: Green Spyke. 8 April 2013.

Green Spyke is officially a real product. Recently Larry wrote on SnusCENTRAL about a new patent being registered for "Green Spyke", and now made it official. The product description lists it as "Nick & Johnny Green Spyke has a medium-bodied and spicy tobacco character with clear hints of pear and citrus, and a little green grass and oriental spices. Pouch that fills the lower lip. Is moist on the surface for fast and robust flavor release." The "oriental spices" part was interested, it reminds me of the old Nick & Johnny East, which was described as " A snus with full tobacco taste and an oriental influence with hints of cardamom and citrus." It sounds like it will be rather interesting, for sure. Look for it to hit webstores soon!