FOUR new Swedish Match snuses! 29 March 2013.

Swedish Match has launched four new snuses without much fanfare, actually they were found by a reader of after checking out and alerting me to it. None of the webstores are currently offering them, but I'm sure that will change eventually. First, Kaliber Special White.  "Soft pouch with good fit and the right feel for the lip. Experienced dry on the surface but delivers flavor fast and long without running."
Forgive the translations, they're from Google so who knows how close they are.  And this one doesn't exactly say much about the product, but the others are a little more detailed.

General Long White Mint
"Medium-bodied tobacco character with clear hints of fresh peppermint and eucalyptus, and a little cedar and citrus."

Kronan White Stark 
"Full-bodied and flowery tobacco character with hints of violet and citrus, and a little herbs. Prillan fills the lower lip, is dry on the surface of the low rinnighet and fresh feel but a moist snuff which provides a prolonged flavor release."

Grov Stark Original 
"Grovsnus Stark Original has a rich, spicy and robust tobacco flavor with hints of flowers and herbs, and slightly almond, wood and tar. Pouch that fills the lower lip. Is moist on the surface for fast and robust flavor release."


  1. I ordered Kronan white stark from and I LOVE it:)


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