Black Rock & Red Devil Reviews. 31 January 2013.

On the 21st, I caught wind of a new snus being sold on Snus2 and talked to our friends at AG Snus about it. They told me about these new products by saying that Red Devil is a traditional Swedish Snus flavor with a twist of pepper and Black Rock is a licorice flavor. Both come in at 12mg of nicotine and the portions are now original instead of black as original listed. They ended up going with the original portion over black for a higher quality snus. To date, I'm not sure if anyone else is selling these though I hear Moe at Webstore may be looking into it. These snus portions remind me a lot of the old Oden's Extra Stark (Gajane) portions for some reason - they're not too wet, not too dry, and have that tan color to them. They don't run much - seemingly having a nice balance between white portion and original portion.

My goodness you Swedes like lakrits! I was thinking today - with all this black licorice flavor around, how cool would it be to have a red licorice flavor? Something that tastes like Red Vines and I'd be in heaven. That being said, Black Rock (yes, you know you thought of this too) is the licorice flavor in the new "Ink" line. Black Rock has a very pure licorice aroma, not very candy-like or anything, but like a straight up bag of pure licorice. If you've had any of the Malaco brands from Sweden it rather reminds me of that. The portions are very soft and comfortable in the lip and have a very distinct licorice and salt taste. It's not sweet, and doesn't taste like a jellybean like the GN variety that I'm so fond of - so I'd say this is definitely going to be for the lakrits purists.

When I opened a can of Red Devil the aroma is unmistakably Swedish, a very citrus aroma with a sharp peppery bite. The portions are very soft and comfortable in the lip. The twist of pepper in the taste is very noticeable. It's not like the pepper taste in Oden's Extreme, it's a little bit different. The citrus is very mild and almost as present in the flavor as the tobacco taste. It's a pretty interesting tasting snus, I can't really compare it to anything else. But overall the taste is pretty mellow and mild outside of that bold pepper flavor that is in the mix.


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