06 August 2012

Oden's Cold (Original Portion) - Review. 6 August 2012.

I was a bit nervous to try this one out. A couple of years ago I reviewed Olde Viking Spearmint, at that time one of the first snuses that GNT rolled out and needless to say, I wasn't impressed. Since then GN hasn't messed much with mint and I was glad about that. I'm not a big mint fan anymore, though I do enjoy one from time to time, especially after I brush my teeth. Recently I got the news that GNT would be rolling out a new snus, Oden's Snus: Cold. A standard/original snus, non stark - 9 mg/g of nicotine. They've switched from the ugly hockey puck cans to these new sexy cans, and I really dig the art on this one. If you keep your snus refrigerated like you should, when you pull it out of cold storage you get a new frost buildup on the glossy external part of the can. I find that really cool for some reason. Anyways, moving along to the snus itself.

When I opened the can, the aroma that came through was very nice - a sweet and pure spearmint aroma. Vastly improved over the Olde Viking Spearmint. The portions are quite full and not very soaked like you'd get with Thunder Frosted, but have a pretty good moisture content. When I put a portion in I felt a nice little tingle and burn which I haven't felt in a while with a snus. The taste is a very subdued one - a fresh and clean spearmint taste. If you've had Offroad Frosted or the Thunder variety, the taste is similar but not as strong and a little less sweet. The taste lasts quite some time, I reached the 1.5 hour mark with a few portions before tossing them.

 So all in all, if you're a mint fan - definitely check this one out. I found the taste to be very pleasant.  They're a regular strength version of the regular Oden's Cold, and if you're someone like me who prefers regular strength products, these are definitely worth a try!

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