Time to stock up! Great deals at Northerner/BuySnus. 27 August 2012.

From Northerner's FB page - "This week we really have a great offer for you. We are giving you free shipping on all orders and from all warehouses. That's right, FREE SHIPPING on all orders world wide that are shipped with Mail, UPS Standard or UPS Ground! This offer is valid until 4 September." Between this and the below deal at BuySnus, it sounds like it's time for everyone to stock up!
If you're a fan of General Snus, this is a hell of a deal. BuySnus.com says - "Can't get enough of General snus? Neither can we, so if you buy 2 rolls of General, we will add another one for free! You have 21 General variations to choose, from Wintergreen to Extra Strong Loose… There truly is a General snus for everone! All orders of 2 rolls of the same General during the BuySnus “General Late Summer Madness” qualify. Buy 4 rolls and we'll even add two! Just place the rolls into the shopping cart and the cart will display the product that is added for free on a separate line. Our General Late Summer Madness starts Monday, August 27th at 23:59:59 and ends on Saturday, September 1st at 23:59:59. All times local Swedish time, i. e. GMT+2."

I've been using the heck out of General Long ES lately, it's actually passed the amount of General White Portion I used, which to date was my longest used snus. So I definitely plan on stocking up on this. If you use this deal right it can save you a lot of money - so make sure and take advantage of it while it's around!


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