19 August 2012

07 White Extra Strong Long. Coming Soon. 19 August 2012.

Up for preorder now, you will find 07 White Extra Strong Long. After much speculation about what 07 would be, it's been announced as having, "Strong and complex tobacco character with hints of herbs, cedar, a little walnut and flowers. The strongest white snus by Swedish Match." It begins shipping 22 August 2012, so if you want to get your hands on it - make sure and get a pre-order in. This new snus is gonna come at 18 mg/g of nicotine, and as I've said in the past - Swedish Match makes snus with a higher free nicotine level than most other people, so it'll be a heavy hitter. Though I imagined it would be a mint snus for some reason, it's nice to see my speculation was wrong.

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