22 April 2012

New Pioneer cans coming soon! 22 April 2012.

You wanted it, you asked for it - well, here it is! The first images of the new Pioneer Snuff cans coming soon! If you haven't tried Pioneer Snuff, it's a loose snus from Laos that we reviewed back in April of 2010. Snusers didn't really dig the cans, and neither did I - the lids fell off easily so if you dropped the can your snus went everywhere. But the stuff inside is what matters most, and Pioneer makes a hell of a snus. In the coming weeks, Pioneer has ordered a truckload of these cans so expect Pioneer cans in the future to be much more sturdy, providing support for the precious cargo inside! If you haven't, for some weird reason, tried Pioneer Snuff yet - it's available for sale world wide from Northerner.com. It's a great and very unique snus, so if you haven't checked it out yet I definitely suggest you do so! Look for the new cans to come very soon!

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