22 April 2012

A little song about snus... 22 April 2012.

A band called "OneEyed Crew" has released a song about snus called simply, "Snus". You can check out the YouTube video here in case you can't see the embedded video below.  It's pretty cool to see a song about snus featuring snus cans and the like, for years in America there have been songs about cigarettes, cigars and smoking, so I figured it was only a matter of time before this came out. Pass it around, tell your friends and family - it's a pretty good songs. A Swedish member of our forum, GoSmokeless.org translated the lyrics for us:

"Rollin' to the town and the clock is approaching 7AM
I'll be late again because of snus
Rushes to the checkout saying "Give me something with boost
I don't care what it costs, it must be loose".

 There's a ring on my pants, without it I'm nothing.

Waking up in the middle of the night hearing child cry and angry wife
Begins walking around in my house searching for my snus, trips to the kitchen
as an elephant
popping a pris so elegant.

 There's a ring on my pants, without it I'm nothing. 

If you want something good, a bit strong and moist,
 use your credit card and enter you PIN because you always afford it.

If the sleep fails and the day is long, do not hesitate hear our song
Get your mind together and join our chorus.

I can't be
without you

Water and tobacco, nicotine and smoke aroma, E1520 E422
Saline, aromas and Sodium Carbonate, mix these
thing and it gets just wonderful."

I had the privilege of talking to the band, OneEyed Crew earlier today about the song and about themselves. As they are new to the music scene, the song isn't yet available digitally other than YouTube, however once that changes they assured me they would let me know so you all can go out and purchase/download it. Their first album is called "OneEyed Crew" and it has 9 songs on it, of which "Snus" is one of them. They're doing a limited run of about 150 of them which will be available in their local pizza shop Timmersdala/Skövde/Sweden. I had a few questions for them so it was nice to talk to them about themselves and their band. 

Snubie.com: "How long have you guys been using snus?"
OneEyed Crew: "We have been using snus since we were about 12-14 years of age. Both me and my brother puked our brains out the first couple of tries till we got ahold of it. We are now 28 and 30." 

Snubie.com: "What brand/brands of snus do you use?"
OneEyed Crew: "We only use Göteborgs Rapè Lös. It may sound strange to your ears, The "Rapè" part, but we called it "Rappe". It's a great brand and blend which is very close to our hearts."

Snubie.com: "Do you use any other brands?"
OneEyed Crew: "If the store is out of Rapè Lös, we would definitely go for a can of Ettan or General. They work great for a couple days, but not forever."

Snubie.com: "What made you want to write a song about snus?"
OneEyed Crew: "The pure love of snus inspired us to write the song. Since there were no serious real songs about it, we saw an opportunity. And nowadays, snus is hot stuff in the media, since the EU recently said they want to ban lots of the ingredients it contains. So the song fit just right."

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